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Dog Ear Infection Treatment

If your dog is exhibiting any of the common dog ear infection symptoms, it’s important to treat your dog early to prevent the infection from spreading. Dog ear infection treatment is usually easy, but more advanced cases may require veterinary care. Be sure to consult your veterinarian if your dog’s symptoms don’t subside in a few days. Only your veterinarian can provide the complete dog ear infection treatment your dog may need.

What Causes Dog Ear Infections?

Before beginning dog ear infection treatment, it’s important to understand what causes dog ear infections. Common causes include:

  • Moisture – Your dog’s ears may become miost after swimming or bathing. Sometimes, this moisture allows bacteria or fungus to grow, leading to an ear infection.
  • Allergies – If your dog suffers from allergies, he may also suffer from frequent ear infections. Allergies often cause skin inflammation in the ears, nose, and throat, which can allow bacteria or fungus to grow.

Since dog ear infections are caused by bacteria or fungus, it’s important to be thorough during the cleaning phase of dog ear infection treatment.

Dog Ear Infection Treatment

1. Clean with a Gentle Cleanser – The first step for successful dog ear infection treatment is cleaning with a gentle cleanser. Your dog’s ear is likely swollen and painful, so be gentle. Fill the ear canal with the cleanser. Then place a cotton ball over the opening of the canal and gently massage your dog’s ear back and forth. Repeat this process with new cotton balls until the cotton ball no longer has debris on it when you finish. If your dog becomes agitated, take a short break between cycles.

AVOID the Following:

    • Q-Tips – Q-Tips may push dirt and debris further into the ear canal; don’t use q-tips during dog ear infection treatment.
    • Rubbing Alcohol – Harsh solutions like rubbing alcohol are not effective for dog ear infection treatment because they can cause your dog severe pain. Be sure to use a gentle cleanser.

2. Allow the Ear Canal to Dry, Then Apply Ear Drops (If Applicable) – Once you’ve cleaned the ear canal, allow it to dry for 10 to 15 minutes. If your vet has prescribed ear drops or other in-ear medication, you may now apply it as directed.